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Our Patient's words say more about us than we ever could. We are so excited to have found a wonderful community that appreciates our patient focused approach to chiropractic care.

Wonderful experience! Dr. Eddy took his time to thoroughly explain chiropractic and how it could help me. He is the best gonstead chiropractor in the area and he would be the only chiropractor I would trust my family to. I have struggled with face pain and seizures until being under consistent chiropractic care with Dr. Jonathan Eddy. The specific chiropractic adjustments delivered allowed me to be pain and seizure free. I could not thank him enough. The care he provided was different than other chiropractors, and he is very skilled. Thank you again Dr. Jonathan Eddy!

Emily J. - via Google Reviews

I highly recommend Eddy Family Chiropractic for your chiropractic needs. I have been under Dr. Jonathan's care for a few months now for sleep deprivation caused by lower back and neck pain. Not only am I sleeping very well, but my pain is nearly gone. With each visit, Dr. Jonathan takes the time to check-in on my overall health and wellbeing and with each adjustment, he clearly explains everything he does and how it will help to alleviate my pain. Thank you, Jonathan, for your excellent care!

Tesia M. - via Facebook Reviews

I was visiting Charlottesville for a Wedding and Dr. Eddy squeezed me in for an emergency visit on a Saturday. I am so grateful for the treatment and advice. Thanks to him I was able to enjoy my brother's wedding pain free! Highly recommend.

Jordana A. - via Facebook Reviews

Great experience there. Jonathan and Don are very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable in the office. Very helpful with explaining there method of practice and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended for fixing neck and back pain.

Damian W. - via Google Reviews

I've been seeing Jon for months now and couldn't be happier! Both of their levels of commitment and talent are outstanding! I'd recommend them to anyone, with back/neck problems or not!

Eric L. - via Facebook Reviews

I came to Dr. Eddy with pain and without the full use of my left arm and was less than a month from surgery. I am happy to say that I am now pain free and have use of my arm completely and did not have the surgery! I would recommend Eddy Family Chiropractic to anyone that wants a full and complete examination and care. They are absolutely the best!

Raymond K. - via Google Reviews

This is my first experience with a chiropractor an I have to say I'm very happy I took this chance. Thank you Jonathan for everything you have done.

Wayne W. - via Facebook Reviews

After my car crash, I didn't think I could feel better, but thank you to the Eddy Family Chiropractic practice. I actually have relief!

Lyd M. - via Facebook Reviews

Dr. Eddy is excellent at his trade and really made me feel comfortable that I had picked the right place. He doesn't over adjust me and made sure that I got a care plan that will fit my budget and my body. Couldn't be happier with my choice of chiropractors!

Max E. - via Google Reviews

Great chiropractic! Went in with a headache and left headache free! Highly reccomend

Matt S. - via Google Reviews

Two amazing and talented docs! Very honest and caring and thorough in everything that they do!

Hiral P. - via Facebook Reviews

Dr. Eddy is one of the best at what he does. He always seems to find exactly what the problem is and takes care of it to get me back on track. I'd highly recommend going to see him!

Brent K. - via Google Reviews

I have had treatment from this chiropractor for many years. I often go in when my back seizes to the point of limited mobility and I have found that after just one session I am able to start moving comfortably again. Professional and friendly!!!

Loren S. - via Google Reviews

My experience at Eddy Family Chiropractic was wonderful! Amazing and friendly staff that made me feel comfortable. They are very knowledgable and care was exceptional. Would highly recommend!

Theresa M. - via Google Reviews

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